The Women Ninjas of Iran

I came across this segment on the recently banned-in-the-UK Press TV channel stating that over 3,500 women in Iran are officially training to become Ninjas. Hence why I find it interesting that in a society deemed to be inherently anti women by the west, we continue to witness bold and innovative movements leading to a real sense of empowerment.

It may seem surreal at first glance, but these women really are serious about all aspects of Ninjitsu from the mental to the physical training, as well as the outfits and weapons. What is also important to note is that there does not seem to be any apparent conflict or concern with regards to identity, culture or religion. Rather it seems the traditional nature of this martial art really sits at peace with their core sense of being. One student expresses that the respect and humility gained from this traditional practice is the most important aspect of her training and that she feels a real sense of peace in class.

Official blurb from Press TV’s YouTube:

Martial arts have gained popularity in Iran over the past 20 years and c have not miss out on the excitement. In the first section of Iran, Gisoo Misha Ahmadi will be meeting with a group of Iranian young ladies who have mastered the techniques of ninjutsu, and are commonly referred to as “Ninjas”.

Also here is a link to an article from the Atlantic which tries to use this story as a way of critiquing the Iranian government, it would be interested to see if this sparks off any thoughts or room for discussion?

One comment

  1. Jen

    Iran used to have a tradition of women warriors as exemplified by the legend of the heroine Gordafarid in the epic “Shahnameh”, written about a thousand years ago. So these Ninja Nazanins, Nilufars and Nafisas are following in the original’s foot-steps. Go, girls!

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